Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Obviously I haven't had blogging very high on my list of "Things to Do" and I didn't get Christmas cards out this year either so here is the year in a nutshell for anyone who still happens to peek at this page once in a blue moon.

Spring 2010- The first week of May we picked up 18 one day old chicks. They were so cute. They lived in our play room in a kiddie pool under a heat lamp. Then they grew up a little and they were ugly and poopy. Mike went to work and rescued me from my over enthusiasm for farm life and built a chicken coop. The chicks did outgrow the ugly stage and now they are beautiful hens (and one handsome rooster)- We gathered our first eggs in October. And they are delish!

Summer 2010- We went to a family reunion in Idaho. We had a very small humble garden. Mike's parents came to visit. Ethan got baptized in August. Mike took three weeks off. Marah, Ethan and Abby performed in "Mary Poppins".

Fall 2010- We went to Utah for Thanksgiving- very icy roads. Can we lobby to have T-Day in September before winter weather hits?

Winter 2010- We went to Southern California for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Zane turned 1. Marah and Ethan went surfing for the first time.

Happy New Year!

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Grandma Kristi said...

A very good year. So glad we had it go out with a bang by all being together for the Holidays.