Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In control

Last night E. was invited to go out to dinner with my aunt and uncle and his 2nd cousin. They went to Happy Jing's, the local Chinese food joint. During the meal E. and Uncle P. had a heart to heart. I have gotten word that this is how the conversation went:

Uncle P: "So, E., who gave you that haircut?"
E. : *sigh* "My mom"
Uncle P: "Did you want your hair cut like that?"
E. : "No."
Uncle P: "So why did she give you that haircut?"
E. : looks down and with hands on either side of his head he shakes his head and laments "I just can't control her..."

(In my defense... I admit I may be too controlling at times- what mom isn't?- but the buzz was plan b when my less than optimal hair cutting skills failed. We'll go to the barber next time, okay E. ?)