Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Something New in the Neighborhood

New thing #1: Moving to Oregon
Since I last posted we have packed our belongings in a big yellow truck and moved to Oregon. We are still in the middle of unpacking and making our new house "ours" but so far everyone is happy with the move.
Here is a photo of our front room. ( More photos of the house to follow soon.)

New thing #2: Amelia is 2 months old
I have had several requests for photos of Amelia. She is growing so much. She loves to eat and sleep and inbetween those two favorite activities she gets lots of attention from adoring siblings...and parents too.

New thing #3: I canned grape juice!
My cousin Lisa and I canned 59 quarts of grape juice. Here are some of the grapes...yummy!

New thing #4: Toothless grins!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

On my Dad's birthday I thought I would list some reasons I love my Dad.
1. He loves scuba diving
2. He is a hard worker and self motivator
3. He teaches himself how to do things
4. He can do anything with one hand
5. He is a wonderful story teller
6. He loves backbacking
7. He taught me how to drive
8. He let me go to UC Berkeley
9. He has great powers of concentration...just try to get his attention when he is thinking. :)
10. He loves my children
11. He loves my mom