Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Here is our birthday girl! Two years goes by too fast!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Where is Daddy Mike?

After Mike's mom came for a visit, Mike went to visit her and his dad in St. George for a long weekend. Here are some of my favorite photos that he took. The first is Mike and his Dad...cameras in hand, ready for any gorgeous landscape that comes their way!

The third photo is of petroglyphs in a slot canyon in the Snow Canyon area.

Another adventure that Mike had recently is buying a car. A silver Jetta. MommaAshaleea thinks it feels really low to the ground after driving the van, Ethan thinks it is "a little sporty", Mike thinks it is fun to drive, Marah thinks it has a nice interior and Abby just says "ca"!

Bonfante Gardens

On the last Saturday of September we took Grandma C to an amusement park in Gilroy called Bonfante Gardens. We were very impressed by all the beautiful and amazing plants and flowers there.

This is a circus tree. Several sycamore trees were grafted and trained into this specimen. There are several other different trees at the park including an arch, a ladder, and a four legged giant. We thought they were all pretty amazing.

Here is a lovely monarch butterfly that Mike found on some milkweed.

The rides are based on Gilroy's agriculture. Here we are on the "Artichoke Dip"

One of Marah's favorite rides was the "Mushroom Swing"

We all got to drive in "classic cars" as Ethan liked to call them. I got the thrilling ride of driving with Abby. The whole ride she kept smiling and saying "Abby! Abby!" obviously very pleased that she got to drive. I hope she doesn't get any ideas...

The most bizarre event that happened this day was this. We were waiting in a line up of boats on one of the rides, waiting our turn to get out when I overheard the family in front of us talking to their youngest daughter, Marah. I said "Excuse me, I overheard you call your daughter Marah...our daughter is Marah also! It isn't often we hear that name." We chatted a bit and then they asked what our youngest daughter was named. When we said Abigail, they laughed and said "No way! our oldest girl is Abby!" I should have told them if they ever have a son, they'll have to name him, Ethan!

We finished the day with ice cream. Yum! Yum! Thank goodness it wasn't garlic or artichoke flavored!