Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Flutey Sort of Person

In one of my favorite movies, "Enchanted April", Lottie says she has always thought of herself as a flutey sort of person. Well our Marah IS a flutey person - a flautist and a good one! We are so proud of her. On January 15th she won the MTNA Northwest Junior Division Competition and she'll be going to Wisconsin in March to compete at the national level. Way to go Marah!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Obviously I haven't had blogging very high on my list of "Things to Do" and I didn't get Christmas cards out this year either so here is the year in a nutshell for anyone who still happens to peek at this page once in a blue moon.

Spring 2010- The first week of May we picked up 18 one day old chicks. They were so cute. They lived in our play room in a kiddie pool under a heat lamp. Then they grew up a little and they were ugly and poopy. Mike went to work and rescued me from my over enthusiasm for farm life and built a chicken coop. The chicks did outgrow the ugly stage and now they are beautiful hens (and one handsome rooster)- We gathered our first eggs in October. And they are delish!

Summer 2010- We went to a family reunion in Idaho. We had a very small humble garden. Mike's parents came to visit. Ethan got baptized in August. Mike took three weeks off. Marah, Ethan and Abby performed in "Mary Poppins".

Fall 2010- We went to Utah for Thanksgiving- very icy roads. Can we lobby to have T-Day in September before winter weather hits?

Winter 2010- We went to Southern California for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Zane turned 1. Marah and Ethan went surfing for the first time.

Happy New Year!