Friday, December 28, 2007

Cheap Christmas

Do you want to impress with a big present but not spend much money? How about no money? (This method does require a credit card, but don't worry you won't end up spending a cent) First of all you need to be a good detective...find out what an out of town relative is buying for your hubby (In my case it was an electric razor--but I didn't have to do the detective work, it was purely coincidence). After you know what expensive gift your out of town relative is sending your hubby, buy him the exact same thing (this is where the credit card comes in). Make sure he opens your gift first. He'll be so happy you were so thoughtful. When the duplicate is opened (the one from the relative) act very surprised. Its ok, you say, I'll return the one I bought since we don't know where our relative bought this gift and it would be too much trouble to mail it back. Is there anything else you want from (the store you bought it from) It helps if this store is not an interesting my case it was Hi-School Pharmacy...this technique would not have worked as well if the gift was from REI. Hubby will say "No" and you get your money back and he still has the gift....brilliant!!!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has come and gone and I haven't posted since early November. tsk tsk.  Here are a few highlights of the past several weeks.

It snowed! (barely)

We got new wood floors and adopted a stray dog.

Our Gingerbread house decorating party with lots of cousins, candy and creativity!

Merry Christmas!