Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recycled dress shirt dress

I made this dress for Mia from an old dress shirt that had an ink stain in the front pocket. The front buttons of the shirt became the back buttons of the dress.

When I finished I wished I had taken photos of the entire process. I used the bottom half of the shirt from the armpits down to make the skirt and then cut the bodice of the dress from the top of the shirt and the sleeves and collar from the sleeves of the shirt. I loved the fact that I didn't have to deal with making button holes or sewing in a zipper!


Mike, Zane and I went to Italy last month for a week. It was an amazing vacation! We visited Venice and Florence. The art, canals and "elegant decay" of Venice was enchanting. The labyrinth of walkways between buildings gave our map reading skills and sense of direction a good work out!
In Florence we saw lots of art and sculpture including Michelangelo's David, works by Giotto, Da Vinci, was like living in a book about the Renaissance. We also tasted the best gelato I've ever eaten at a shop called GROM! Oh how I miss you pistachio and hazelnut and dark chocolate...

I wish traveling wasn't so expensive because it makes studying history so amazing and memorable (and yummy!) Here is a pic of Zane and me on the Rialto bridge in Venice. Arrivederci!