Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mike's mom came to visit last weekend so we decided to bless Elsa. I found a vintage dress for under $10. She looked like an old fashioned baby. Somehow the dress got poofed up behind her head in the first photo- it isn't a Shakespearean collar she is wearing. I'm not THAT old fashioned!

Time marches on...

...whether I am ready or not. I've been trying my best to savor this month of newbornness (I know that is not a word) with Elsa, but yesterday she turned 5 weeks old and I think-where has the time gone? I look at these pictures and realize how much she is changing.
Fresh out of the bath:

For Sarah:

Just plain cute:

Thank goodness for cameras so we can capture these fleeting moments.

See Marah Sew

Marah went into a sewing frenzy for a week or so and made two beautiful clothing items. I helped her decipher instructions a few times. But other than that she did it all herself. She did an awesome job.

First she made this skirt.

She had so much fun with the skirt we decided to go get fabric to make another one. When we got to the fabric section of High School Pharmacy (our local small town store) the fabric was 40% off. Marah saw this fabric and knew she had to make a dress. Isn't it fun?