Thursday, December 04, 2008


To my little Amelia,
You are my little girl. We call you by a multitude of nicknames: Mia, Meemers, Curly Girly, MiMi, to name a few. I love to watch you play, but to you it is very serious as you investigate cupboards and drawers and rearrange things to your liking. You have recently discovered where the chocolate chips are kept and I sometimes find you helping yourself to a treat. Who can say no to a request for more when it is said in sign language?

I love how you carry around your baby dolls and give them hugs and kisses. Any scrap of cloth you find becomes a blanket to cover your baby of the day. You very gently pat and kiss the baby and instruct me to do the same with points and gestures. You are very pleased with me when I do it right.

I think it is adorable how you are so interested in any animal whether it is a horse a dog or a fish. You will not rest until I acknowledge the animal you have spied and name it for you. Our dog loves you because you are the only member of our family that welcomes his licks of affection.

I melt every time you wrinkle up your nose and eyes with a big cheesy grin and an irresistible giggle.

You love music and you ask for it often by pointing at the speakers and tilting your body from side to side like you are dancing. You especially love Marah to hold you and dance and twirl as the bluegrass fiddle and banjo sing away.

You are a joy little one. Sadly but surely part of the magic of childhood is knowing it doesn't last forever. I know I must cherish your golden baby curls and your little hand and feet now because all to soon they will only be memories.