Monday, July 27, 2009

At least we are lame together...

If you celebrate something without realizing it does it count as a celebration? Last night I put the kids to bed fairly early and Mike and I enjoyed pina coladas before going to bed. This morning Mike was checking his email and then he looked at me with a funny smile on his face and asked "Why didn't we celebrate yesterday?" I was puzzled, "What are you talking about?" He replied, "Yesterday was our anniversary...your dad just reminded me in this email."

We've been married 12 years. We are both so lame.

I think I'll make pina coladas again, tonight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the take home message is...

I asked Abby (age 4) to tell me about what she learned in Primary today at church. I will quote her to the best of my memory.

Abby: In my little class today my teacher tied a cloth over our eyes and then we had to find our seat, but I didn't have a turn because I didn't want a cloth over my eyes.

Me: So what was that supposed to teach you?

Abby: It was supposed to show us how easy it was to find our seat when we can't see.

Me: Oh

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Read this book!

A year ago my mother in law lent me "Three Cups of Tea". I finally read it last week and I wish I had read it a year ago. It is the story of a man's mission to bring schools and education to children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greg Mortenson was a mountain climber who was separated from his group on K2, the highest peak in the mountain range between Pakistan and China. He stumbled into a small village where they took him in, fed him, let him sleep and recover from near death. He noticed that the village had no school. The children met outside and scratched their lessons in the dirt...without a teacher (the teacher split his time between several villages). Greg Mortenson promised his new friends that he would build them a school. It is amazing that he was able to fulfill that promise and then go on to build many many more schools throughout the country and Afghanistan- schools for boys and girls. These schools offer a moderate Islamic education. They give the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan an alternative to the radical madrassa schools that the Taliban recruit from. He is fighting terrorism in the best way.