Sunday, March 16, 2008


While we are on the topic of environmental questions....have you ever noticed how many catalogs one seems to receive in the mail? ( I get them from at least 20 different companies) Did you know 19 billion catalogs are mailed to Americans every year? Did you know 53 million trees are used to make these catalogs? Most of these catalogs just get tossed or recycled without anything being purchased. Around my house I know they create a lot of cases of the "Gimme Got a Get Its" and waste a lot more time than I care to admit.

So here is a challenge. When you receive a catalog you don't want, call the company and tell them to stop sending it to you. If you need an excuse say you prefer to do your shopping online. Or you can sign up with the free service at and they will do the dirty work for you. Either way a tree will thank you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I know most of my posts are about my kids but lately I have had this question on my mind...

Why do we buy so much plastic STUFF? And why do we throw so much stuff away? It really turns my stomach when I walk into a store and see all the disposable plastic junk that will break after 3 uses (or less) and be tossed into a landfill.

I know plastics do have some great uses. Some medical advances would not be possible without plastic.
But the production of plastics and our dependency on them only increases our dependence on oil. As China and India grow and develop they will want more oil....the price is only going to go up.

So here are some things I have been doing for awhile or just started to try to reduce my dependence on plastics and oil.

1) cloth diapers and cloth wipes ( they are really not as hard as everyone thinks)
2) reuse plastic wrap and plastic bags (bread bags, bread sacks, etc.)
3) Use tupperware type containers or reuse sour cream and yogurt containers instead of ziploc/plastic wrap
4) reusable waterbottles
5) bring your own cloth bag when shopping (although I do reuse plastic bags as my trash bags)
6) buy used toys, wood toys, LESS toys
7) no individually wrapped snacks - buy in bulk
8) use beauty/hygiene products made without petroleum products (this is hard--most of the brands have it)
9) compost kitchen and yard waste so I don't have to buy fertilizers (made from fossil fuels)
10) drive less (another hard one, but by making meal plans and planning errand trips it can be done)
11) use less electricity (sweep instead of vacuum, turn out lights not in use, only run full laundry loads, air dry clothes, wear a sweater instead of heating the house to 70*)

I'm not perfect but every little bit of effort helps.

Any other suggestions???